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Free Fire: how to get the “Princess of the Dune” Pack in the Luck Royale

Looking for a new suit in Free fire? The cosmetic outfit “Princess of the Dune” is now available in the Battle Royale developed by Garena. We tell you what the dynamics consists of so you can add the outfit to the inventory without problems.

Skin “Princess of the Dune” is available through the event “Gold Royale” at “Luck Royale”. You have 49 days from today so you can try your luck at roulette. You might get the Pack itself or other prizes like characters, items, and weapon skins.

Unlike the Diamond Royale, the community will have to invest gold to spin one or ten times. By doing this ten times, the system will reward you with an extra spin.

In case you want to try your luck without spending gold, players can make a free spin each day until the event ends. Free fire. Also, the more turns you make, the higher the Fire Luck and the chance to win the jackpot. This resets once you have obtained the best reward.

Also the accumulation of spins allows you to obtain additional prizes (loot with Gold Royale tickets, Tokens, etc.). Of course, the draft account restarts every Monday at 4:00 am

FREE FIRE | How to earn gold

To earn enough gold, the players of Free fire they must play games. Depending on the number of games and performance, the system will offer more gold. You can also opt for the daily missions. At the same time that you play your games, you can do different challenges or challenges to add coins and rank up.

Another alternative is ranking the best ranks for prizes at the end of each season. The higher the rank, the prizes will be higher and the amount of gold you receive will get better and better.

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