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Free Fire: know all the details of Yeti, the new mascot of OB31

Pets are companions in Free fire who follow players throughout the game and have a unique ability that enhances competitive advantage. Although these abilities generally have a lower impact, pets are still priced considerably higher than in-store characters, with most of them costing 699 diamonds.

The newest pet available to players is Agent Hop, and it was featured in a reload event. Now let’s see what is generating expectations for the future in the Battle Royale: let’s talk about Yeti.

The description of Yeti says “Love my silky fur” at Free fire OB31 Advance Server, which was released a few days before the update. This pet arrives with an ability called Frost fortress, which seems like a pretty viable option as it reduces the damage taken from explosives.

FREE FIRE | Yeti Evolution

Tier 1 (Pet Tier 1): decreases 15% of the damage players take from explosives every 150 seconds.

Level 2 (Pet Level 5): decreases 20% of the damage players take from explosives every 120 seconds.

Level 3 (pet level 7): decreases 30% of the damage players take from explosives every 90 seconds.

However, players are currently unable to purchase Yeti at Free fire. When they touch the “Buy” button, they will find an error that says “This item will be available soon!”

Users can follow Free fire on their social networks to stay updated on when the pet will be available. Special New Age events are coming to the game in the coming days, and Yeti could be a part of them.

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