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Free Fire: “La Rosa de Guadalupe” dedicates an episode to the popular Battle Royale

Nobody is saved from the Rose of Guadalupe, the Mexican series that exposes the evils of this world and how life is easier thanks to faith and God. The Televisa program has been characterized by including in its chapters various topics such as infidelity, drug addiction and video game addiction. On the latter, Free fire was the protagonist in the most recent installment.

Televisa aired last week a chapter of La Rosa de Guadalupe entitled “The game of the hitman”, which is an obvious reference to shooter titles like Free fire and Call of Duty Mobile. The episode tells the story of Miguel, a young fond of “The game of the hitman” who ends up being kidnapped by an alleged friend he contacted on the platform.

The episode is inspired by the cases of gamers who have been recruited by organized crime in Mexico through video games.

FREE FIRE | Chapter of La Rosa de Guadalupe

“Today we believe that our children are safe and sound inside our homes, but with technology it is not like that. Today, any child, youth or teenager has a cell phone in their hands with the Internet and with these 2 tools they can enter any site or application without censorship and nowhere in our home will our children be protected from predators and criminals. Let’s stay informed of what our children are doing on the Internet. Let’s pay attention, so that they are not caught by the hit man game “, says the final reflection of the chapter.

Reactions were immediate on social networks, where the community of Free fire debate on the realistic of the plot. There are those who coincide with the little supervision of parents and others highlight the parental control tools to prevent minors from being exposed.

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