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Free Fire: the best settings for smooth gameplay

Over time, Free fire has become one of the most popular battle royale games in the community. The title has millions of active players and is consistent when it comes to new content updates.

The popularity of Free fire it is mainly due to its small file size and system requirements. However, despite having a storage requirement of around 750MB, the game sometimes experiences frame drops and lag issues.

Since BR games depend on the continuous flow of the game, encountering these problems becomes a hindrance for gamers. There are a few methods for fans of Free fire Overcome these issues and enjoy smooth, lag-free play.

Configure the display

Free fire allows players to select their preferred display settings. Since low-end Android devices are not capable of handling high-end screen outputs, this often causes the game to lag and become a problem for them.

Users should always modify screen settings for a smoother performance of the game. Changing the graphics settings and high FPS settings will seal the deal and make it better for them.

It is recommended that players set the graphics to be smooth and the FPS high to normal for a good gaming experience.

Adjust sensitivity

Users of Free fire They can adjust the sensitivity settings for best results. Changing this setting does not correct game lag, but it does help to get better game output.

Players can adjust the sensitivity settings of Free fire as follows:

  • Overall: 100
  • Red dot: 95-100
  • 2X Range: 84-89
  • 4X range: 70-75
  • Sniper Range: 57-62
  • Free look: 75-80

This is a sample sensitivity setting and will certainly differ with each player. Therefore, it is recommended that you enter training mode to check the settings and make small adjustments here and there.

The device must not have any applications running in the background. These apps running in the background consume RAM and prevent the game from running smoothly. The network connection must be stable and it is recommended to switch to a WiFi network over a cellular network for best results.

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