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Free Fire: weekly agenda from December 1 to 6 brings the Elite Pass “Palace of Poker”

He started a new weekly agenda in Free fire. The guys from Garena announced on social networks what the events will be from December 1 to 6, 2021. The great expectation is the Elite Pass “Palace of Poker”. We tell you what else there is that can catch your attention.

The announcement of the weekly schedule of Free fire It was done through Garena’s official Twitter account. “The new Elite Pass arrives on Wednesday! Are you ready to be the King of Poker? The Geometry Incubator brings new skins like Hex Magma, Triangular Dawn and more! ”, says the text.

FREE FIRE | Weekly agenda from December 1 to 6

  • Wednesday, December 1: Launch of the Elite Pass.
  • Thursday, December 2: New Incubator – 50% discount – Evolution recharge.
  • Friday, December 3: Object of collaboration
  • Saturday December 4: Discount on Royale Weapons – Spike Spike Returns – Special Bonus.
  • Monday December 6: Collaboration Item – Sapphire Refill.
Free Fire weekly schedule

FREE FIRE | How to buy the Elite Pass

The Elite Pass can be enabled with the purchase of diamonds. That is, it is not free and must be purchased again with each new pass that is released.

If you buy an Elite Pass, it will only last for the period of that specific Pass. Once enabled, the player can start missions (Elite Challenges) to collect badges and claim Elite Pass prizes.

Each pass has a time limit to complete after its release, giving way to the new pass shortly thereafter. You must complete the pass missions within this period to collect the pass prizes.

The time remaining can be seen in the upper left corner of the Fire Pass screen.

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