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Friends and rivals: Perisic and the compliment to Modric in the preview of Real Madrid vs. Inter de Milan

The last duel of the Inter de Milan and the Real Madrid for the group stage. Both teams are assured of their passage to the final, but they will have to define first place. Ivan perisic He referred to the match at the press conference prior to the Champions League match on Tuesday, December 7; in addition, he spoke of his future and his compatriot Luka modric.

Perisic praised the good moment of the team, which has not lost a game since October 16: “I don’t see many differences compared to last year. The system is the same, the players have known each other for many years and the formation is similar. This year we have had a better performance in the ‘Champions’ because we have scored more goals and we have deserved the classification, last year it was not like that “.

Regarding what Real Madrid means, Perisic spoke of two specific players: his compatriot Luka Modric. Regarding the Croatian midfielder, the Inter player said that “Luka is a great person, rather than a great footballer and for that I have great respect for him. In Croatia we have a lot of talent, although it is sure to be difficult to find a replacement for him. Let’s hope he doesn’t play tomorrow (laughs) ”.

On the quality of the ‘White House’: “Between us we talk about this. We have seen Madrid’s games and he is playing very well, like the rest of the team; that’s why you have to pay attention to everyone and play as a group ”.

Ivan Perisic and his future

Croatian Ivan Perisic ends his contract with Inter Milan on June 30, 2022 but assured, at the press conference prior to the Champions League duel that “no” wants “talk” of his future and that he only thinks about “Keep winning.”

“The last two years have been wonderful for me. I’m still hungry and we want to keep winning. At the moment I don’t want to talk about my future. I am focused on my present and that I have to give everything on the field “said the forward.

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