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From England: Junior Firpo says that Koeman disrespected him and his teammates

Looking for some way to improve the performance of the campus, the board of the Barcelona chose Ronald Koeman as coach. The Dutchman was a former figure as a player and it was believed that he was going to impose discipline on a team that was no longer that of previous years. However, the plan did not work.

Since his arrival, Koeman had friction with the players, one of them being Luis Suárez. The forward indicated that they called him from a cell phone to tell him that he would not be taken into account. To what was told by the Uruguayan, now in addition to what was said by Junior Firpo, the Dominican defender had to leave the culé team, because Koeman was not going to consider it this season either.

Firpo was bought by Leeds United. From England, he spoke about Koeman: “I came to lose my enthusiasm for football and I realized the importance of family. There were things with Koeman that I did not understand, and at certain moments they appeared disrespectful to me and my colleagues. I don’t understand that the day after a game, when the substitutes were training, he stayed in his living room”.

Due to his situation in the team, where he barely had minutes, Firpo says: “I ask him, and he begins to lie to me. At that point, why would he keep asking her for them. He tells me things that don’t make sense, like that I train badly, that I contaminate the group. Ask who you want, to see if any of the staff says the same about me “, added in an interview to SER.

At another time he also compared Koeman with Marcelo Bielsa: “We did not see videos of the rival, neither with Valverde, nor Quique nor with Koeman. Have we ever seen something specific from a rival. With Bielsa we see a lot, it is from one extreme to another and there must be a middle ground “.

After the departure of Koeman, Barcelona announced the arrival of Xavi Hernández. Despite some wins in LaLiga, the team fell 3-0 to Bayern Munich in Germany and were eliminated from the Champions League. They will have to settle for the Europa League.

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