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“From the best team in the world to ‘sparring'”: German press mocks Xavi’s Barcelona

Bayern Munich finished sinking the Barcelona in Champions League. The Bavarian team thrashed and humiliated the Catalans 3-0, eliminating them from the top European tournament this season. After the game, the reactions of the ‘Old Continent’ media did not wait, but those that attracted the most attention were those from Germany.

The newspaper that had the harshest comments against the performance of those directed by Xavi Hernández, was ‘Bild’, The prestigious media highlighted that Barza is in decline and that they have just entered a “duel” against Bayern.

FC Bayern beat Barça 3-0 in the last game of the group stage. The Catalans are out of the Champions League and for the first time in 19 years they have not reached the group stage. Barcelona have to play the Europa League. Bayern have made the once best club in the world a training sparring”, they sentenced.

For its part, ‘Sport’ headlines in its opening: ‘Barça enters Europe in second place’, referring to the fact that the ‘Ciudad Condal’ team will have to be part of the Europa League for the rest of the season.

Luis Mascaró pointed out: “The dramatic decline of Barça experienced another chapter last night. Maybe the definitive one. The elimination of the Champions, although it was foreseeable, is tremendously painful. Because it highlights the sad reality of a team that has not been competitive for too long. To dream of a victory in Munich was to believe in a miracle

For its part, ‘L’Equipe’, French media, analyzed the performance of the footballers. Depay, Dembélé, Araújo and Minguesza were harshly criticized. The Frenchman pointed out that “in his first appearance in more than six months, the Frenchman failed to disturb the Bayern defense,” while regarding the Dutchman he stressed that “he only fired one shot on goal in the 90 minutes.”

In Spain, Mundo Deportivo did not forgive either. Sergi Solé, in his column, explained that: “A small group of veterans who had to pull the car and lead some kids spiritually again left the name of the club on the ground in Europe.”

Bild and the note pointing out that Bayern Munich ‘ate’ Barcelona. (Capture: Bild)

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