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Fury for Messi in Saudi Arabia: image of the Argentine promotes tourism before the World Cup

The expectation for the development of the Qatar World Cup 2022 It is very big, considering that there is less than 12 months for the ball to start rolling. The most important football event will not only cause the national teams to move to the host country, but also the arrival of a large number of fans is expected.

And it is clear that not only the Qatari soil will overflow with the presence of tourists, but also the nearby countries. Precisely, in Saudi Arabia, 600 kilometers from the World Cup headquarters, they seek to take advantage of the sporting event and began to promote the country’s attractions, using nothing less than the image of Lionel messi.

During the last weeks, the ‘Flea’ has participated in various advertisements for the Arab territory, where it is promoted the activities that soccer fans can find in the Riyadh Season 2022, an event that is organized by the government.

According to the announcements, with Lionel Messi at the helm, Saudi Arabia will offer excursions to the Oasis (in the middle of the desert), they will enable a snow zone (a complex of 52 attractions for people of all ages) and will present a tour called “Dinosaurs in a wild experience”.

In the same way, the city Nabad Al Riyadh will have activities related to local heritage and traditions, while in Qariat Zaman, which combines ancient culture and modern life, visitors will be able to enjoy musical shows. The excitement for the World Cup is already alive.

Lionel Messi’s PSG will play in Saudi Arabia

As part of the Riyadh Season, Lionel Messi’s PSG will visit Saudi Arabia in the third week of January for an exhibition match. According to what has been established, the powerful Parisian club will play against a selection of footballers from Al-Hilal and Al-Nassr, the most important clubs in the Arab league.

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