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Get to know the best Christmas backgrounds apps for your Android cell phone screen

On December 25, Christmas will be celebrated in different parts of the world, however, it is already a custom that this Christian holiday is managed to extend until the arrival of the New Year, so today we will show you the best applications that offer you new wallpapers of Christmas themes so that you can place them on your mobile phone with the operating system Android.

It is important to clarify that all applications can be downloaded totally free from the Google play storeIt means that it will not be necessary for you to previously make payments, but some platforms have their premium version where they promise to offer you additional services such as: backgrounds in 4K ultra HD resolution.

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If you want to reflect Christmas every time you unlock your mobile phone, we recommend downloading the app ‘Free Christmas Wallpapers‘, this gives you creative animated backgrounds of luminous Christmas trees, it also has an option that will place a countdown on the mobile home screen, so you can know how many days, hours, minutes and seconds are left to commemorate the birth of the baby Jesus .


If you love Christmas carols, we recommend this application, which comes with several 3D wallpapers with very colorful designs. Here you will not only find Christmas trees, but also backgrounds of snowmen, Santa Claus, snowy landscapes with lights, etc.

In addition, as its name implies, it also has an option to place on the home screen of the mobile the reminder of the countdown to the arrival of Christmas, all this while carols sound that will give a special touch to the holidays. Another additional fact is that this app is compatible with almost all mobiles Android and it does not consume much battery consumption.


There is no doubt that this application had to be among the best, because unlike the others, ‘Christmas Wallpaper‘offers you wallpapers much more realistic than the others, including: Christmas balls, huge trees at the North Pole, Santa Claus leaving gifts at a house, etc. If you do not have enough space on your mobile for the other apps, this is your best option, since it weighs 20 MB, quite accessible for anyone.

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