Google Files gets secure folder to protect files with password


Files, Google’s file manager for Android, has received a new feature to hide files on your smartphone. The “Safe folder” in English creates a space protected with a four-digit password inside the device capable of preventing access by onlookers.

The feature is available in version 1.0.323, not yet widely distributed on the Play Store. A new option is listed in the “Collections” category and when opened it asks for the creation of a password with four numbers. The operation resembles that of the “Personal Safe”, available on Microsoft OneDrive.

The application warns that forgetting the registered password prevents access to the files. In addition, the folder is not synchronized with the Google account, that is, it is saved only on the mobile phone or tablet in use. Everything stored with the resource is protected with encryption by the app, preventing access to this material from other file managers.

Resource creates folder that requires password to be accessed (image: XDA Developers / reproduction)

To transfer items to the secure folder, simply select a document, photo or other files in Files, tap the options button and then select the item to move the file. The operation is only performed after confirmation of the registered password, to avoid accidental changes.

According to Google, the feature will be made available gradually to all users, starting with the beta version of the application.

Google offers the resource for confidential files (image: Google)

Download Files from Google: Android

Source: Google

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