Google keyboard will suggest stickers, GIF and short answers


Google’s keyboard app, GBoard, recently included a number of features for the suggestion tool. Among the novelties, not yet released to all users, are sticker recommendations, animated GIFs and even automatic responses.

Automatic replies follow the pattern already adopted in Gmail and other Google platforms. When detecting a question that asks for a simple answer, GBoard can suggest options such as “Yes”, “No” or “Of course”.

Automatic responses under test in GBoard (image: Android Police)

When you touch one of the suggestions, the message is used in the reply field, allowing you to quickly send a contact.

The suggestion of stickers is displayed in the same bar above the letters on the keyboard, along with the recommendations of emojis. When you touch one of the stickers, it opens in a larger version. The user can even ask for more sticker suggestions by touching and holding the image offered and selecting the option “Show more items”.

Sticker recommendation allows you to see the enlarged image before sending it (image: Android Police)

In the search for animated GIFs, suggestions also accompany the content of the conversation. To differentiate the options offered dynamically, the icon next to the suggestion changes according to the origin of each one: clock for search history items and star for automatically recommended terms.

GIF search suggests terms according to the context of the conversation (image: Android Police)

The suggestions are not yet available to all users and should be offered at first only on cell phones configured for the English language. Apparently, the activation of resources depends on a server configuration, without control by the user.

Source: Android Police

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