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Google Maps: where Sabrina’s “Boys, boys, boys” video was filmed

Do you remember the video “Boys boys boys” by the Italian singer Sabrina Salermo? It was 1987 when radio stations and, above all, televisions broadcast the theme that hit the whole world. In the clip of more than 3 minutes, the also quite sensual actress is shown. Do you know where it was actually filmed? Google maps he already tells us.

YES, there is a whole story behind the clip and Sabrina’s suggestive swimwear, in addition to the colorful umbrellas, the jump board and the beach balls, today finally it is known where the video “Boys, boys, boys” was completely recorded, even Google maps allows you to access the facade.

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The video Sabrina’s “Boys, boys, boys” was recorded entirely in the “Florida Hotel”, which is also owned by the singer, from the town of Jesolo, near Venice, in Italy..

In it we can see that pool where the singer has a drink and dances with the beach balls. But not only that, in part of the clip we can see the showers where users can clean themselves before entering the source.

Likewise, the dressing rooms are shown, made entirely of wood and which are individual. Similarly, on the façade of the “Florida Hotel”, you can see those mythical towers that appear in the background in the clip and that Google Maps was able to rescue.

This is how the pool where Sabrina’s “Boys, boys, boys” was recorded today looks like. (Photo: Google Maps)

Without a doubt, the setting shown on the Google map is still intact and even resembles the old resorts very similar to the eighties or well into the 90s. Would you dare to go?

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