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Google will remove YouTube for these Android users

Let’s do some memory. AndroidGo is the operating system Google intended for low-end phones that do not have much RAM or a powerful processor. The company has released many applications for this operating system; however, one of the most popular applications on the market is about to close.

As of August 2022, Google announced that YouTube Go will close permanently AndroidGo. YouTube Go It was released in 2016, aimed at users who do not have good connectivity or resources to buy data.

YouTube has invested in improvements to the main YouTube app that make it work better in these (low-end mobile) environments, while also providing a better user experience that includes our entire community”Google said in an official statement.

Google recommends that users of YouTube Go install the main YouTube app or visit youtube.com in their browsers. In comparison with YouTube Gothe main YouTube app provides a better overall user experience and offers features not available on YouTube Go. For example, YouTube Go users cannot comment, post, use dark mode, or create content in the app.

Google had previously revealed that YouTube Go it had seen more than 500 million downloads, making it one of the most popular apps on the platform. Google redesigned the user interface, among other things, for Android 12 Go last year in December.

ANDROID | free apps

  • Crypto Helper ($0.99) : Far from a mining app (or mining app helper), this little app encrypts messages with a key provided by you.
  • Conversations (Jabber / XMPP) ($3.99): A Jabber/XMPP instant messaging service for Android, supporting end-to-end encryption, video calling, and more.
  • Phone Booster Pro – Force Stop ($10.99): Not only does it force close apps that are not behaving well in the background, but it also clears the cache to free up storage space.
  • Game Booster GFX Tool Fire ($5.99)– We’re not particularly a fan of “game boost” apps, but this app has an average rating of 4 stars after 265 reviews on the Play Store.

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