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Government of Germany and Bundesliga agreed to reduce capacity in stadiums

Germany suffers an increase in coronavirus cases among its inhabitants, so its government has implemented measures to stop it. These regulations include the reduction of capacity in stadiums where matches of the Bundesliga, as reported by the portal The Athletic.

Outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel and her successor Olaf Schol decided together with the league that the venues will only be able to have only 50% up to a maximum of 15,000 attendees. “A time limit on the number of fans in the stadium is understandable. The DFL hopes that this decision by the federal government and the states will lead to an improvement in the situation of the pandemic “said the director of the German Football League, Christian Seifert.

Bayer Munich vs. Borussia Dortmund this Saturday, December 4, will be one of the first matches in which this new rule must be governed. On social media, some fans are against this measure, while others show their support.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that the team led by Julian Nagelsmann will host Barcelona for matchday 6 of the group stage of the UEFA Champions League behind closed doors, as reported last Tuesday by Bavarian Minister Markus Söder.

“It is important to decide today in a unitary way for the whole country that spectators are not admitted (…) Soccer has an important role as an example. Right now we have to reduce contacts everywhere “, said the politician on his Twitter account.

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