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He does not give up: Bielsa does not plan to resign after Leeds’s 7-0 loss to City

A defeat by scandal does not always end in the departure of a coach. One day after the painful defeat that Leeds suffered against Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City, Marcelo Bielsa had to testify at a press conference. The Argentine technical director ruled out leaving his position.

“Do you think there is a coach who cannot be dismissed, who is immovable? Do you think I’m so vain that I don’t think they can fire me? Do you think that after suffering a 7-0 loss I can rule out instability? Of course the job of a coach is not stable. I have nothing that makes me immune to that characteristic “.

“Of course I’m going to keep fighting until the end of the season. I always think that in adversity you have to fight. I will fight until the end of the championship without any doubt. I hope nothing happens that does not allow me to do what I just said “Marcelo added, with the calm that characterizes him at press conferences.

Not only was it Bielsa’s biggest win, Leeds also suffered their worst knockdown since 1920. “We have never had a performance like today. We did not do anything well, it is evident from the scoreboard. I take full responsibility for a loss like this. “said Bielsa, moments after the game ended.

Leeds are 16th, with 16 points, just five above relegation, but with two more games. Bielsa’s team is the third highest goalscorer in the category, quite the opposite of a City that strengthens the leadership.

Leeds’ next game will be at home against Arsenal and then they will face Liverpool. They will close 2021 with the duel against Aston Villa. The team is in need of points.

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