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“He no longer changes his rhythm”: Fabio Capello and the ‘darts’ towards Cuadrado for his level at Juventus

The ability of Italians to command Juan Guillermo Cuadrado from heaven to hell in such a short time. While a few days ago many considered that the Colombian has been one of the most regular in the Juventus so far from the A series, Fabio Capello, a historic coach who passed through Turin in two seasons (2004-05 and 2005-06), had an opinion in another direction.

The first part of the 2021-22 season at Calcio has not been anything good for the ‘Old Lady’, however, despite this, ‘Panita’ has been able to more than respond to the demands of Massimiliano Allegri, who has used in various positions by the right sector.

In dialogue with the ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’, Capello considered that Cuadrado no longer has the same change of pace as some years ago and that has diminished his performance. “Let’s take Alex Sandro and Cuadrado, who pushed a lot in the past, but now they don’t change pace anymore.“Said the technician.

Then, so that his opinion is not misinterpreted, he clarified that the coffee grower “always has quality”. And it is that to tell the truth, Juan Guillermo has had some irregular matches, especially against the strongest rivals, but not to be considered one of the lowest performing in the Turin team.

Obstacles for the renovation of Cuadrado

The drawbacks for the renewal of the 33-year-old come exclusively from Juventus. The directors have not yet agreed on the time to extend the contractual relationship, which has led to the dialogue with the ‘Panita’ being momentarily paralyzed.

They have not yet found the final agreement to move forward together. Not so much from an economic point of view, since the meetings with his agent led to an agreement in principle to maintain the current salary (of 5 million net per season)“Said the specialized media ‘Calciomercato.com‘.

In this way, to avoid inconveniences, the club and the player will resume their conversations when they return from the brief vacation in Italy due to the break in which Serie A has entered.

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