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He wanted to do the ‘paradinha’: the curious expulsion in Croatian football for kicking a penalty wrong

Red cards are part of soccer. In almost all tournaments, week by week, the judges must ‘paint’ a footballer for some irresponsible attitude and send him to the locker room before the end of the match. However, what happened this week in the match between Dinamo Zagreb vs. NK Istra, very seldom has happened. The images have already turned viral.

At 90 minutes of play, when the game was 1-0 for the visit, Bruno Petkovic, a Dinamo player, prepared to shoot from twelve steps which could have been 2-0 for his team. After accommodating the ball and taking the respective distance, he kicked, but in a peculiar way.

The forward slowly approached the midpoint of the area where the ball was, performed a ‘paradinha’, tricked the goalkeeper and celebrated his score. However, the referee stopped the game to indicate that the goal was not valid and showed him the second yellow card with which he sent him to the changing rooms.

Rule 14 of football, which governs shooting from the penalty spot, underwent several modifications in 2010 and 2016 to penalize the performance of the tactic of stopping before executing it, which left goalkeepers very unprotected.

According to the current regulation, there are three exceptions in which, regardless of whether a goal is scored or not, an indirect free kick will be decreed that invalidates the previous shot:

  • If a penalty is kicked backwards.
  • If a teammate of the identified pitcher takes the shot, he will also be cautioned.
  • If the pitcher feints once the race has been completed (feints are only allowed during the race), he also receives a warning.

This last prohibition, however, is not at odds with one of the greatest techniques to deceive the goalkeeper just at the moment of hitting the ball: the so-called Panenka penalty.

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