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“He wants to control everyone and City needs leaders”: Patrice Evra attacked Guardiola

The Champions League goes back to be a debt for the Manchester City, which for now cannot transform its economic investment into a title of the highest European club competition. This time, the English squad was eliminated by Real Madrid, after conceding two goals in the final minutes and then falling in extra time, a situation that caused great criticism against Pep Guardiola.

The Spanish coach has been the main target of the new failure of the ‘Citizens’ and recently received harsh criticism from Patrice Evra. The retired soccer player provided an analysis of what happened with the celestial club for Prime Video and nothing was saved when it came to qualifying the renowned coach.

Manchester City needs leaders and Guardiola doesn’t want players like that. He doesn’t want personality. Josep is the leader, he has no one in the field to help him”, were the first words of the former Manchester United player.

Then, Evra compared the work of the DT today and in the past: “You can’t train people with personality. He did it at Barcelona, ​​but he builds teams to control everyone. When things go wrong, Pep is always the one who decides”.

On the other hand, Patrice also judged the way in which Manchester City looks for glory. “They have been wrong (directive), it is the truth. They are traumatized. They remind me of PSG, because they are clubs that are based on money”, affirmed the remembered French side.

Real Madrid also has money, but it has a story behind it; City only has money and the players are going to play there solely for that. They offer more and that is why they choose them. Then they can win some trophies of course”, sentenced Patrice Evra.

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