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He was applauded: Student player caused his warning to reach the playoffs free

The season of Estudiantes La Plata in the Professional League Cup has been impressive and the team secured in advance, in the absence of a date, its presence in the playoffs for the title. This Friday, those led by Ricardo Zielinski defeated their similar Aldosivi (2-1), in the packed Jorge Luis Hirschi Stadium.

Due to this result, “Pincha” added 28 points and is unattainable for Boca Juniors (2nd with 21 units, with two games to play). However, there was a concern for the “Pincharrata” technical team: Paraguayan Jorge Morel had accumulated four yellow cards and by receiving one more on the next date, he would miss the first direct elimination game.

Given the favorable scenario for Estudiantes in the match against Aldosivi, with the ticket to the quarterfinals assured, the midfielder decided to seek his fifth warning by all means. In this way, the footballer would only be left out of the last day of the regular stage, which is no longer relevant, and would reach the next round clean.

And around 84 minutes, Jorge Morel launched a peculiar idea: he delayed the execution of a free kick as long as possible and referee Ariel Penel did not hesitate to punish him. Immediately, the fans of the La Plata club, who were aware of the number of yellow cards, did not hesitate to applaud the talented midfielder.

Interestingly, the Paraguayan let the clock tick down and was substituted just before putting the ball into play. The midfielder, evidently happy to fulfill the plan perfectly, left the field with a big smile on his face, greeting the fans, to finally allow Bautista Kociubinski to enter.

When does Estudiantes La Plata play?

Estudiantes La Plata will close their participation in Group B of the Professional League Cup next Sunday, May 8 (3:00 pm), when they visit Rosario Central. Due to the great performance of the squad, the club is assured of first place and only hopes to meet its rival in the playoffs.

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