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He was close to returning: Carlos Bacca and the reason that made his return to Junior impossible

Although now he is psyched to get ahead with Granada in the Santander League, Carlos Bacca does not forget his past and has always made it clear that he intends to one day return to the Junior from Barranquilla, club that gave him the opportunity to debut First division Back in 2009. And as far-fetched as it sounds, that return could have occurred in mid-2021.

Recently the ‘Jackal’ spent a few weeks in Colombia and, before returning to Spain, he granted an interview to ‘El Heraldo’ where he revealed details of his possible return to Colombian football after several seasons in Europe.

The only one who talked about Junior was with Arturo Reyes, he always had the illusion and desire for me to return, but unfortunately they took him out. He was the only one he spoke to at the time, when he was a team coach. He asked me about my situation and told me that he wanted me to join his project“Said the Buenos Aires striker.

Although he did not hide his wishes to return to the ‘Tiburon’, Bacca did not want to leave the Barranquilla fans excited and explained that for now the transfer is impossible because he still has a contract with Granada.

I can say that I spoke with Viera, who was also calling me to join me and I told her the same thing: that I really wanted, but that it was not up to me. I had no contact with the managers. I have a good relationship with them, but there was no talk of going back. They know that I have a contract with Granada and they respect that“Said the ex-Sevilla.

Finally, the 35-year-old coffee grower confirmed his illusion of culminating his career in Junior as a way of gratitude for everything he was given when he was just beginning his career in football. “I have the doors open for Junior, I am a fan and, as I always say, I want to retire there. When the managers want they can call me and they can reach good terms to be able to join Junior ”, he said.

Every time I come to Barranquilla, it gives me the desire, the joy and the motivation to be in Junior, to play with the Junior jersey. The family too, but everything is in God’s time. Six months ago the possibility could be given, but it did not materialize because God wanted it that way, now we are in Granada with great enthusiasm and always open to what may happen”, Concluded the one born in Puerto Colombia.

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