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He was saved: a desk decision prevented the descent of Huachipato from Mario Salas

Mario Salas he lost the category in Chile with Huachipato. However, a decision by the National Professional Football Association (ANFP) has brought life back to the team led by ‘El Comandante’. This Monday, the Disciplinary Court Chamber determined that Deportes Melipilla be expelled from professional football due to management irregularities.

To get into context, the first week of December the University of Chile (which was fighting to remain in the top category and ultimately was saved on the field) and Cobresal denounced Melipilla for cases related to double contracts in the first campus. Then, after arduous weeks of investigation, the football body issued a resolution on this matter.

In this sense, the aforementioned entity resolved unanimously, accept the aforementioned complaints, with the exception of what is related to the eventual match-fixing, sanctioning the Club Melipilla with the expulsion of the National Association of Professional Football. Likewise, it was known that ten more clubs adhered to the complaint of the ‘U’ and Cobresal.

The ANFP’s decision in the Club Melipilla case. (Photo: ANFP)

The punished club, as appropriate in this type of process, has the possibility to file an appeal to reverse the ruling or have it ratified. In any case, the expulsion of Melipilla changes the scenario with respect to the issue of relegation in the Chilean National Championship and here Mario Salas’s team enters the scene.

Without Melipilla for the decision at the table, Curicó Unido rises in position in the table (15 to 14), frees himself from the promotion dispute and ensures his presence in the gold division for 2022. Then, Huachipato automatically passes from the Box 16 to 15 and gets the opportunity to fight Deportes Copiapó the chance to play the incoming season in the First.

Thus, Huachipato and Deportes Copiapó will wait for the confirmation of the matches to determine the team that will be in the 2022 National Championship. It is estimated that the tie should be played in the second week of January.

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