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His team scored a goal at the last minute, celebrated and died: the chilling case of a DT in Egypt

Youtube it never ceases to amaze us with its virals. In the social network we have seen everything in terms of football: huge goals, great assists and luxuries of different kinds. Although, what currently stands out in the aforementioned platform is the case of the Egyptian coach Adham Al-Selehdar, of the Al-Majd Al Iskandari, who last Thursday lost his life due to a heart attack after celebrating his team’s goal at minute 93. The images are regrettable and in the African country the coach’s departure mourns.

In the framework of the date 9 of the Egyptian Second Division championship, Mohamed Essam of Al-Majd Al Iskandari scored the equality against Al-Zarqa in the last minute of the match. Joy overflowed the bench, but the heart played a trick on Adham Al-Selehdar.

In the midst of the festivities, the now deceased technician collapsed on the grass due to a heart attack. As explained by the doctors who certified his death, the heart stop triggered a sharp drop in blood flow.

The coach of Al-Majd Alexandria in the Egyptian rise, Adam Al-Selehdari, passed away today after celebrating a goal for his team in the last minute.

Despite the strenuous attempts to revive him and his subsequent transfer to the nearest hospital, the technician “Died before reaching the hospital” reported the directors of Al-Majd Al-Iskandari who had just hired him this season.

As expected, various Egyptian football clubs mourned the death of Al-Selehdar, one of them Ismaily of the First Division, who dictated three days of mourning in memory of the former coach in the minor divisions, interim coach of the first team and champion of the league titles of the 1990 season and the 1997 Egyptian Cup.

“We pray to the Almighty to bless the deceased with his mercy and inspire his family with patience and comfort”, It is read in the statement released by the entity on the death of the coach who was fired with honors by symbols of the institution and different stars of Egyptian football.

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