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How to find out the name of the things that you do not know what they are called with the camera of your Android

When you have questions about any information you saw online, the best option is to consult Google, the number one browser in the world developed by Alphabet Inc .; However, there may be occasions where, for example, you want to search for a certain thing but you don’t remember or you don’t know its name, so to solve this problem we will teach you a simple trick with the help of your mobile Android.

If you want to Google something you saw on the street, be it a monument, a building, an electronic device, etc., you can find out everything about it by pointing it with the rear camera of your cell phone, although, first you must download an application called Google Lens, you can find it for free in the Android Google Play Store or by pressing here.

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What is it Google Lens?, is a mobile application for camera image recognition, which was developed with artificial intelligence and is used to identify things you focus on, so it will show you detailed information about what you want to know, such as its name in this case.


  • First, download Google LensIf you already have it installed, make sure there are no pending updates on Google Play.
  • Open the application and grant it all the necessary permissions so that it can operate.
  • Now, on the home page of the application, click on the camera icon that is located to the right of the microphone.
  • Then, point the object you want to recognize, you will automatically get different blue points that are the objects that Google Lens has recognized.
  • Finally, touch on one to get detailed information.

It is important to clarify that you can also know the name of the objects that are in the image gallery of your smartphone, also, by changing to the purchases tab you can see the price of that product.

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