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How to play PS5 and PS4 on your smartphone after the announcement of the new patent


More news in the line of PlayStation. Sony Interactive Entertainment registered a new patent in Japan for a controller similar to the DualShock and DualSense, but designed to work with smartphones. If you want to have an idea of ​​what the experience would be like, we will tell you what you can do to link the PlayStation to the smartphone through the Remote Play.

The VGC portal pointed out that the design of the control for smartphones is similar to DualShock 4 from the console Playstation 4 and consists of two parts, a left and a right (each with buttons and joysticks), which would be held by the player carrying the smartphone between the two halves.

The following image belongs to the document patented by Sony in Japan. The appearance is similar to other similar devices that already exist in the technology market.

Photo: VGC

The patent adds that the control would be able to detect changes in the inclination of the device and the direction in which it is tilting, so some kind of control by movements is expected.

The gadget would be Sony’s next step after the development of the Remote play, which allows you to play titles of PS5 and PS4 on the smartphone phone. Currently it is possible to link the remote to smartphones, but nothing like a control that fully integrates the smartphone.

Play with your PlayStation on your smartphone

  • The PlayStation must be up to date. It is essential for the streaming game to work with Android.
  • Open the PS4 app Remote play on mobile.
  • Confirm the terms of use and log in with your PlayStation account.
  • The application will search for your console. It must be connected to register with the app.
  • In the event that PS4 Remote Play does not detect the console automatically, go to the console, enter the settings and search for “Remote play connection settings” and click on “Add device”. Click on “Register manually” within the mobile application and write the code that appears on the television connected to the PS4.
  • The application will start mirroring the screen on the phone. By default you have touch screen controls, but you can connect the DualShock to the cell phone. Keep in mind that the remote control with the controller is only compatible with mobiles that have Android 10.
  • If you want to play away from home, you will need to activate the permission for remote idle play. Go to PS4 settings, go to “Power saving settings” and then go to “Set functions available in sleep mode”. You just have to check the options “Stay connected” to the Internet and “Enable turning on the PS4 from the network.”

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