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How to record a WhatsApp video call without your friends knowing

Have you ever wanted to have a copy of the video call you have with your friends on WhatsApp? Since the platform enabled the so-called video calls, you can communicate with all your friends long distance and by pressing a button.

Surely when you met with all your friends you wanted to capture a certain moment, but you didn’t know how to do it. Well, today we will teach you a fairly easy method to record a video call without your friends WhatsApp they find out This also works on Zoom, Google Meet, among other video platforms.

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  • In the case of Android devices, you must enter Google Play.
  • There write Screen Recorder. If you can’t find it, just go to this link.
  • You should now activate the floating Screen Recorder window.
  • Once you start a WhatsApp video call, you will need to press the record button.
  • Remember to determine that it not only records the screen, but also the sound of your smartphone.
  • When you finish the video call, click on “Stop” of Screen recorder and you will have all the WhatsApp communication recorded on your cell phone.
With this program you can record WhatsApp video calls with sound. (Photo: MAG)
  • In the case of iPhone devices, you only have to enter Settings.
  • There you must click on Control Center and add Screen Recording.
  • Now start the WhatsApp video call and at that moment lower the Control Center and hit Record.
  • When you cut the video call, you must stop the recording.
  • Once the WhatsApp video call recording file has been created, you can edit it and save it on your smartphone.
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