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“I choose to continue being”: Marcelo Gallardo announced that he will continue to command River Plate

Marcelo gallardo is an institution in River plate. The coach lifted the Argentine Professional League trophy this season and added a new trophy to his long list of achievements with the millionaire team. After the championship, it was speculated that he could leave the ‘millionaire’ box to take on new challenges; however, they were all mere rumors.

The ‘Doll’ revealed in a press conference this Wednesday that he will continue to command River. “After a few days of reflection, which was difficult because I could not cut the dynamics of the day and not being able to isolate you, but it has to do with something that I felt. A few weeks ago I had announced that I was going to evaluate, my contract was coming to an end and it was essential to take a moment to reflect“, beginning.

“After so many years and what an institution like this requires, I needed to reflect and decide what I was going to do. I didn’t have much time, but I choose to stay. It is a choice beyond what I experienced and felt, it is worth it, I deserve to continue being one more year and take the possibility after the game with Colón to rest a little and face a new year with a lot of energy to face it as we have come to play it “added Gallardo, confirming his stay in the rojiblanco box.

The big question that many asked themselves was to know how long he will continue in River. “My continuity is for one year, it is the best, what we are going to agree on. It seemed logical and very meaningful that tomorrow is a celebration of the fan, without having to wait for any announcement. I wanted to get what was inside me and I didn’t want to wait 24 hours to announce what I had decided. I wanted people to go to celebrate in peace, with emotion and to be happy. It will be a third year of the eternal celebration of Madrid and there could be nothing to alter it “.

The closest possibility that Gallardo had was to lead the Uruguay National Team. The members of the Uruguayan Football Association were clinging to a slim chance of having the Argentine coach on their bench as a replacement for Oscar Washington Tabárez.

“Gallardo is not ruled out”, said Jorge Casales, director of the Uruguayan entity last Tuesday. Then, the manager added: “Our interlocutors handle us that they have not yet defined what option they want to take. We are waiting to meet him. If we talk to Marcelo, we convince him ”, expressed in a chat with Sport890.

In the seven and a half years at River Plate, Gallardo celebrated 13 championships. An average of almost two Olympic rounds per year, which can be increased in the final against Colón for the Champions Trophy, which will be held on December 18 at the Madre de Cities in Santiago del Estero.

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