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Ibai Llanos appears in the list of the protagonists of 2022 by Forbes

the spanish streamer Ibai Llanos is still trending. We have just started the year and the Forbes portal has placed him on its list of “The 22 protagonists who will change 2022”, along with other personalities such as Álvaro Silberstein, CEO and founder of Wheel the World, and Rocío Arroyo, CEO of Amadix.

Ibai Llanos It is located in position 14 and Forbes presented it as follows: “It has more than 8.5 million followers, ranking ninth globally in digital channels. He was the winner of the ‘streamer of the year’ award, consecutively, in 2020 and 2021, recognition granted by the eSports Awards”.

The Forbes recognition falls short of the expectations of Ibai Llanos with your new venture. At the end of last year, Ibai and Gerard Piqué, the Barcelona star, created KOI, a company that will seek to become champion in the 2022 League of Legends Super League.

The team KOI for League of Legends It is made up of players like the Spaniards Rafitta and Koldo, the French SLT, the Norwegian Hatrixx and the Austrian Seaz. Koi is a fish, specifically a dragon-shaped carp. Japanese legend has it that the fish that managed to swim upstream against the current, even climbing a waterfall, were rewarded with becoming dragons. They also stand out for their bright colors when the sun shines on them.

PLAIN IBAI | christmas photo

the streamer Ibai Llanos It has become a trend on social networks after publishing a photo in which he appears dressed as Santa Claus. The joke was welcomed by the Spaniard’s followers with more than 160,000 “likes” on Twitter.

“I’m on my way. Ask me for the gift you want. I’ll take it to you”, he wrote on his official Instagram account. The same image was also shared on Twitter.

Who took the opportunity to play a prank on Ibai Llanos it was the youtuber DjMaRiiO. “That costume looks like it cost ten euros”he commented on Twitter. Llanos was not silent. “Let’s see, it’s not a shitty 25-euro tree, but it’s not bad either”, answered.

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