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“I’m going to win the World Cup”: ‘Memo’ Ochoa’s dream of lifting the trophy in Qatar 2022

Mexico classified the Qatar World Cup 2022 and Gerardo Martino is already starting to work to have the list of players he will take to the tournament ready. One of those that seems to be immovable is William Ochoa. The goalkeeper, who already has experience in this type of tournament, dreams of fighting in the competition and, why not, winning it.

‘Memo’, who will go to his fifth World Cup, despite the fact that he did not play in the first two, hopes to win all the games, reach the final and even lift the trophy that would crown ‘Tri’ as the most important team of the planet.

In a conversation with the YouTube channel of ‘Burro’ Van Rankin, Ochoa explained that they cannot hesitate in any match. They will fight game by game.

“You don’t go out to play a game with the idea of ​​’I’m going to draw or I’m going to lose’. That’s why when they say ‘Why are you going to the World Cup?’ I’m going to the World Cup to win the World Cup because I’m here and I’m going to fight it to see how far I get. Why can’t I dream that I can win it? They will tell you that it is complicated, but if you don’t dream it like that, you don’t want it like that… don’t go”, America’s goalkeeper said.

Mexico will debut in Qatar against Poland and Memo believes that the only difficult player in the European team is not Robert Lewandowski. “Just because people don’t know the Poles who are there doesn’t mean they’re bad. They won’t be very loud, but they are good. (Winning) is the goal,” he explained.

The last game of the Aztec team in the group stage will be against Saudi Arabia. In the previous one, those from ‘Tata’ are favorites, but Ochoa is not confident. “They are brave. Here we don’t see the league, I have teammates who now play there and the stadiums fill them. The Arabs are a brave hobby. There will be a lot of fans of them”, he sentenced.

When does Mexico debut in Qatar 2022?

Poland will be Mexico’s rival in its debut, so on November 22 the Tricolor will hold its first commitment in Qatar. The game is stipulated to start at 10:00 am (Mexico City time).

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