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In flight: Boca celebrated by plane and stewardess asks not to hit anything [VIDEO]

After a season that seemed to end without any title at La Bombonera, Boca Juniors managed to win the Argentina Cup, after beating Talleres de Córdoba, a team with which he drew goalless in regulation time. Both had to define the winner from the twelve steps, where those led by Sebastián Battaglia were more effective, facing the round of five shots each.

Now, post-game, the awards celebrations continued on the plane that was going to bring them back. The entire campus made the flight a party, with music and hitting what they found closest, until someone interrupted them.

A flight attendant appeared and asked please not to hit the plane: “Keep up the music, but don’t hit anything. “ Because the message was said with laughter, the players also took it with humor, but it is unknown if the blows were stopped. The video was recorded by a Boca Juniors player.

The reasons for celebration are not only limited to the conquest of the Argentine Cup, but also to the opportunity they will have to play the Copa Libertadores from the group stage. If they failed to win, they were going to have to win on the last date and wait for another result.

It is Sebastián Battaglia’s first title, but rumors indicate that the coach would not continue and that the Football Commission is analyzing various possible coaches. Boca’s campaign has been very irregular throughout the season, with the presence of Carlos Zambrano as Luis Advíncula.

“Too many things are said that the truth is clarifying everything they say is very exhausting. I was thinking of winning today, later we will see how everything continues. That is the satisfaction I have and now we have to celebrate, from there we will set new goals”, Indicated the technician.

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