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In Spain they open their arms: an old suitor throws himself for Dybala

As soon as he made himself known ‘bombazo’ in the Juventus, in Spain they got to work for one of the cracks that will be free at the end of the season and could reach any team at zero cost: paulo dybala. The Argentine would not renew his contract with the Bianconeros as planned, and the Atletico Madrid It was the first team to move immediately at the request of Diego Simeone, who has tried to take his compatriot on previous occasions.

According to information from the portal ‘Signings. net’, the ‘colchoneros’, as soon as they heard the news, began to enlist all the artillery to convince Dybala. In fact, the Athletic He had been following the steps of the ‘Joya’ for quite some time, but he always ran into the ‘Juve’ wall.

However, all this has changed in the last few hours, and Dybala, with a contract to expire at the end of the season, can negotiate on his own account from now on with any club that wishes to use his services.

Diabala He was willing to renew with the Turin club, but finally opted to reject this idea, after confirming that the board intended to change some of the conditions already agreed at the last minute, according to ‘TyC Sports’.

The renewal of the Argentine midfielder has been a sensitive issue in the Juventus, even since before the pandemic when the negotiations began. Then, the level of the Argentine was not what was expected and the agreement was delayed. And when it seemed that February would be the key month to sign the extension, this ‘bombshell’ arrives.

Since he arrived in 2015, Dybala he has accumulated from a whopping 274 official matches, with 109 goals and 46 assists, a number that makes it clear how important he is for ‘Juve’ and the tremendous blow that his goodbye would mean, even more so after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo .

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