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In the hands of Interpol: promotion in Colombia remains on hold due to possible fix

Several days passed, but the rise of Colombian football remains controversial after an alleged fix was accused during the match between Llaneros FC (promoted) before Union Magdalena. As it is remembered, the group directed by Walter Aristizábal achieved promotion to the BetPlay League with two scandal goals.

Based on this, Interpol decided to intervene in this event that has gone around the world. The corporation emphasizes the complaints of soccer fans in Colombia about the strange behavior that the players had on the field of play. “The spectators complain of supposed unusual performances of the players (of Llaneros) to achieve the second and final goal”, indicates.

“He will be sanctioned with suspension to exercise all kinds of sports and administrative activities related to soccer for two to five years and the fine is 30 to 150 minimum wages”, they affirm. Finally, the report also touches on the case of the alleged vetoes of soccer players at the FPC, where some of the rights of athletes are being violated.

Interpol Bulletin after cases of possible match fixing between Llaneros vs. the Union Magdalena.

Days after the meeting, the highest Colombian soccer entity declared: “The FCF will supervise and ensure strict compliance with the provisions contained in the Unique Disciplinary Code of the FCF and the Code of Ethics, in order to guarantee the safeguarding of the integrity of associated soccer competitions, in our firm commitment to protect our sport with honesty and transparency“, He said.

What happened in the match between Unión Magdalena and Llanera has had such an impact that even the president of the nation of Colombia, Iván Duque, gave an opinion. The president described as “National shame”And stated that, in the company of the sports minister Guillermo Herrera Castaño, they will follow up on the case.

What happened in the promotion match to the First Division of Colombian Soccer is a national shame. Sport requires transparency, honesty and zero tolerance for any situation that delegitimizes sports ethics. With the Minister of Sports, Guillermo Herrera Castaño, the competent authorities, Dimayor and the Colombian Football Federation, are being monitored so that this situation is quickly clarified “said Duque.

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