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Insecurity everywhere: this was the violent robbery of Gabriel from Arsenal

The player of the Arsenal, Gabriel Magalhaes, became a trend in August of this year, after they tried to steal his car. The Brazilian soccer player entered the garage of his home with his Mercedes car, however, a thief was waiting for him.

In the last hours, a video was released on social networks, in which the violent assault suffered by the defender is shown. In the clip it is observed that at the beginning he hands over the keys to his vehicle to the criminal. Although he did not resist, he was attacked by a baseball bat.

The 23-year-old responded to that hit and fought the thief to prevent his car from being stolen. However, the stranger ended up escaping from the home.

Although, the wrongdoer He was identified, since his cap fell off, which was used to carry out a DNA test. The police arrested him and he was sentenced in November to five years in prison.

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Arsenal manager highlighted the courage of Gabriel Magalhaes

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal manager, highlighted Maglhaes’ quick action to defend against thieves. “Obviously not nice go through (that situation) when you have family members involved and they are trying to enter your house (…) Gabi showed a lot of character, you see the reaction she had immediately ”, as collected by DIRECTV Sports.

“He was shocked, there were some things he wanted to change in his life to try to prevent those things from happening and the club gave him all the support he needed to try to forget the situation, learn from it and move”, added.

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