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It looks like magic. An incredible trick aimed at all Apple users is becoming viral on different social networks, this consists of copying from a iPhone any image or photo with a gesture and paste it on an iPad device, it can also be the other way around, how do I do it? then we will explain the process.

Before continuing, you need to know how to copy and paste with your hands. To copy you simply have to pinch inwards with your middle, index and thumb fingers at the same time, as if you were reducing the zoom of your camera, on the other hand, to paste you must do the same but outwards, as if you were zooming.

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The function was called by Apple as “Universal Clipboard”, it is only available in the latest version of its operating system iOS 15. Also, it is necessary that you have an iPhone and an iPad tablet linked with the same Apple ID account, otherwise you will not be able to get results.


  • From your iPhoneopen an app, gallery, or web page where you can copy an image.
  • It also works by copying videos, gifs, links, paragraphs, etc.
  • After having copied with the gesture that we teach you, open another platform that contains a text field, that is, where you can write.
  • Finally, perform the paste gesture and as if by magic you will quickly have transferred an image from iPhone to iPad.

Without a doubt, it is a very innovative trick and especially useful on occasions where you have seen a photo or video that you liked from the iPhone and would like to store it on your tablet. You will not have to activate Bluetooth or send what you want by email or external apps.

How to control the time of use in our iOS device

  • Access the “Settings” of your iPhone phone, locate it with the icon of a cogwheel or gear.
  • Look for the “Time on Screen” section.
  • Then, activate the function by sliding the switch and press “Continue”.
  • Finally, indicate if the device is yours or a member of your family.

Done, the system will collect all the necessary information about the use of your iPhone. If you want to access it, all you have to do is enter the app. There you will see how many hours, minutes and seconds you used each application. In addition, it will tell you which of them generated the most notifications.

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