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Is the Huawei Nova 8i worth it? We leave you the analysis and opinion of the Chinese smartphone

Let’s first talk about the design of the Huawei Nova 8i, model NEN-LX3. The plastic finish is both on the back cover and on the frames, but still gives the feeling of security at the cost of a more “premium” appearance. It does not slip from your hands and the 190 gram weight does make itself felt. The fingerprint recognition works very well, there are no lags and the fingerprints on the back are very well disguised if it does not reflect light.

About the 6.67-inch LCD panel, what stands out is the 60 Hz refresh rate and the reduced edges of the frame. The screen takes up 94.7% of the front, so good with that except for the selfie hole. The detail is that the hole only has a lens plus a sensor and the extended design can be uncomfortable. The reproductions of images are also acceptable, the contrast is adequate and the color gamut is well achieved. Here I can also highlight the Eye Comfort for those who suffer from the blue lights of the screen and the eBook mode that turns the tones to gray for a comfortable reading.

HUAWEI NOVA 8i | Analysis and opinion

If we talk about performance, the machine has a Snapdragon 662 processor with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and the GPU is Adreno 610. The operating system is Android 11 with EMUI 12 customization layer. With all this, I did a test with Geekbench to compare with other mobiles and I got the following: 309 in Single-Core and 1324 in Multi-Core. If we make the comparisons, Geekbench places the mobile above the Redmi Note 7 and below the Redmi Note 8 Pro and Poco X3 NFC. Translating this into the user experience, I personally had no problems if you do not so intense use. The 8GB of RAM is well managed, I did not feel any slowdown when having several windows open, although with about ten at the same time there is some delay.

Another thing to add to the performance issue is the solution that Huawei gives to Google applications. For this there are two solutions: resort to installing the APK through the AppGallery or go to Petal Search for more solutions if you can’t find what you are looking for. The process is simple, although it is something that you will do manually with a couple of system approvals and more. The experience is the same since the veto began and I did not seem to see any major improvement to this alternative process.

It is time to talk about the camera. The main one is composed of a 64MP main lens, an 8MP ultra wide angle, a 2MP macro and a 2MP depth lens. Images look good both indoors and outdoors in the right light. The width of the frame with the wide angle is interesting, there is no blurring in the corners unless the scene is dark. The white balance, on the other hand, tends to throw warm tones, but otherwise the contrasts and sharpness are adequate. If we have little light, the camera tends to lose details and some noise comes out. The positive is that there is Night Mode. It won’t fix all problems, but it will saturate colors and pick up a little more light, although sharpness is just as affected.

HUAWEI NOVA 8i | Unboxing

If we talk about the selfie, then here you must have good lighting to obtain better contrasts, since the darkness makes the tones paler and noise appears. There is an issue that caught my attention and it is the “aperture” mode, which allows the bokeh effect to be made, and the “portrait” that does not offer much more or something very different from the regular “photo” mode. If you use aperture, you will not have the option to take selfies, the same as with the “HDR” mode. In this sense, the selfie goes unnoticed.

To finish, the 4,300 mAh battery is enough to get to the end of the day and something more, and be in action in no time thanks to the 66W charger. This power itself is something to highlight of the team, in addition to the options of “smart charging” and “smart battery capacity” to manage the power of the device. You can go from 0 to 100 in about 50 minutes.

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