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Is the LG Gram worth it? Analysis and opinion of the South Korean device

Let’s start the analysis with the appearance of the LG Gram. This model in question is the 16Z90P and the first thing that stands out is its light weight and material. The laptop has a weight of 1190 grams and this is due to the chassis which is made of a magnesium alloy. The matte finish hides fingerprints well and its minimalist design looks good on the eye. It feels solid, although the base sags a bit if you press because it is made of plastic. Another drawback is that the screen lid wobbles at the slightest movement. Even so, it should be noted that the equipment has the military standard MIL-STD-810G.

There is also I must point out that there is no space that is moreEverything is well distributed from the screen-to-body ratio (except for the line where the camera is) to the dimensions of the keys, which even comes with the numeric keypad and fingerprint on power-up; Nevertheless, I personally felt the keyboard somewhat noisy, especially with the “Space” key. The size of the pad also seems to me adequate for what you want to do with the computer and these supports on the base give stability.

LG GRAM | Analysis

The 16-inch screen performs well for its dimensions and particularly when it comes to color output. Its 16:10 ratio and 2560 x 1600 resolution fall well if we take into account the color space coverage of the LG Gram, which is 99% in DCI-P3. The intensity also seems adequate to work outdoors; however, the glossy finish makes reflections appear on the panel. Another point to consider is the 60Hz refresh rate. If you are very fussy about games, then think twice.

Regarding performance, we have the Intel 11th Generation i7 processor, specifically the I7-1165G7 (Quad-Core) with 16GB of DDR4 RAM (not expandable) and 512GB of storage, while the operating system is Windows 10 Home. The integrated graphics card, by the way, is Inter Iris Xe.

LG GRAM | Unboxing

I did the test with the Cinebech R23 and I got the score of 2786 on Multi-Core and 903 on Single-Core. Doing the Multi-Core comparison, the processor is surpassed by the Intel Core i7-4850HQ, 1165G7 and 7700K. In Single-Core, the processor does beat the Intel Core i7-4850HQ and falls behind the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X 16 Core.

When it comes to playing, Iris Xe graphics can do more than 30 FPS in casual games with FHD resolution and low graphics settings and reaching peaks of 60 FPS with Bioshock Infinite or Dota 2 with preset.

The performance also goes through the heat and in that sense I have not had problems in this regard. The fans are silent and the temperature, at least in the time I tested it, did not happen to be a problem. If you are demanding with heavy games, the temperature can rise considerably in the space between the keyboard and the screen. At least it does not get to annoy.

About accessibility, laptop has two USB-A inputs, two USB-C inputs with Thunderbolt 4 (which are used to charge the equipment), an HDMI port, a Jack and MicroSD port, so I don’t think you will have problems with the gadgets you connect. The speakers, by the way, ended up being somewhat flat. The battery is 80Wh and, if we use the screen at 120 nits, you have a range of 6 to 11 hours between chatting, watching something and more. There are functions to save the battery even more and reach 16 hours.

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