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Is the Oppo A54 worth it? We analyze the performance of the smartphone

Before reviewing the layout of the OPPO A54, the analysis is based on the CPH2239 model with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. This is important because there is another version that has 5G connectivity.

The phone feels comfortable in the hands, but the finish feels straightforward. Not to the point of being brittle, but somewhat ordinary because of the plastic on the back that is a magnet for fingerprints. Another design detail is the quadrant of the main cameras. It does not stand out by much and that is appreciated, because the phone does not wobble on the table, although the dust still does its thing around the edges.

The bezels are equally comfortable and the port jack offers more options for those who like the classic; what’s more, the phone comes with headphones. The fingerprint reader, meanwhile, is on the power button and its reaction time is adequate.

OPPO A54 | Analysis

About the screen of the Oppo A54Which is a 6.51 inch LCD, the colors are well calibrated for my taste. You will not perceive tones neither very cold nor warm, but they will be in a spectrum in which they will remain vibrant, even having the standard 60Hz refresh rate. What we cannot miss is the selfie hole, which appears when you extend the screen of any video or when you play. Still, the location is not that annoying for the viewer. Another detail is the light output of the panel. The maximum brightness outdoors is 550 nits, so there will be no problems when checking the mobile on sunny days.

About performance, we talk about a Helio P35 Octa-Core processor with operating system Android 10 and customization layer ColorOS 7.2. According to Geekbench results, the device scored 169 points on Single-Core and 942 points on Multi-Core. If we compare this last figure on the application website, we will see that the phone is above the Samsung Galaxy A40 and almost tying with him Xiaomi Redmi 4. About the system functions, it is worth highlighting the Game Space for video game management, I will touch on that in more detail in another video, the reading filter, the split screen and the variety in the customization of the main screen.

OPPO 54 | Unboxing

If we talk about the cameras of the OPPO A54, performance will depend on the environment you are in. The triple rear camera, composed of the main 13 MP, the 2MP macro and the 2MP bokeh effect, does meet expectations in environments with adequate light. Artificial intelligence pulls on HDR to give sharpness and contrasts; However, another is singing in low-light environments. The details are washed away and the grain of the exhibition is perceived. The selfie camera, meanwhile, tends to overexpose images and the bokeh effect feels somewhat artificial. As I always do, here is a test in an environment with very little light. Something else to add about the camera is the absence of a fast camera.

To finish, The phone comes with a 5000 mAh battery and in the box we have the 18W fast charger. From 0 to 100, charging would take one hour 20 minutes. If you will give an office use to the phone, nothing demanding and only answering emails and others, you can reach 48 hours of continuous use. The situation is already different if you put yourself to play, because you would arrive scraping the day according to your demands.

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