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It could have been a tragedy: Nacional fans threw flares at Estudiantes in the UNO stadium [VIDEO]

The Argentinian Students from La Plata took a vital step towards qualifying for the round of 16 of the Libertadores Cup 2022 by beating the Uruguayan National 1-0, in a match played this Tuesday for the fourth date of Group C. However, the victory was overshadowed by an event that arose among the fans at the Uno de La Plata stadium.

The fans of Nacional de Uruguay were euphoric since their arrival, but it was at the start of the match that they committed violent acts. The visiting team’s supporters were in an area of ​​the stadium where the Estudiantes fan is usually present, which is why there is not much division with the rest of the stands.

In order to control any dangerous situation, the Argentine authorities placed nets to prevent objects such as bottles, among others, from being thrown. Despite this, the ‘Bags’ ended up attacking the ‘Leon’ team.

The Uruguayan fans launched fireworks, specifically flares, directly into an area where the home fans were. Given this, the medical teams had to intervene due to the number of injuries that occurred.

The Red Cross had to attend to 27 people due to the flares, bottles and ceramics that were destroyed inside the Jorge Luis Hirsch compound. Likewise, according to information from the club, the Police arrested 17 Nacional fans.

Outside of the riots, on a football level, Estudiantes de La Plata continues to lead Group C alone now with 10 points. Nacional was left with four points and a goal difference of -2, behind the Brazilian Bragantino, who has not yet played their fourth game and has four points and a goal difference of 0.

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