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Jealousy, battle of egos and privileges: ‘internal problems’ are filtered in the PSG dressing room

Despite being one of the teams that invested the most money in the past transfer market, the situation seems to be spiraling out of control internally. This time, L’Equipe surprised the whole world with its cover this Tuesday, revealing conflicts or complex situations that are experienced in the Paris Saint-Germain. And it is that beyond the problems that are had when putting together a starting eleven with a squad full of stars, there is talk that prior to the arrival of Lionel messi to the Park of the Princes, there was already tension in the changing rooms.

The first case that touched the media was about the dispute that lives Keylor Navas Y Gianluiggi Donnarumma. As we well know, the arrival of the Italian goalkeeper caused a headache for the coach, who was forced to rotate between him and the ‘Tico’ goalkeeper to give both stars a similar amount of minutes.

The ex AC Milan, more confident about winning the last European Championship with Italy, he began to pressure the board and the technical command in the voice of his representative, the popular and controversial Italian businessman Mino Raiola, who stated in a dialogue with the RAI the next: “I don’t know if this situation has turned into a problem, but everyone knows how this story is going to end. Everything will be decided in favor of Gianluigi ”.

Although it is true, despite the fact that the French media warned that they could have signed a kind of “non-aggression pact”Between the two goalkeepers, they also relate a singular anecdote that occurred in the dressing room prior to the duel against Nice, with former PSG Marcin Bulka: “He talks to Navas and he realizes that he has the same glove supplier as him, the English brand Sells. A witness relates the following: “Navas looked at Donnarumma, who was not far away, and replied to Bulka: ‘Look, these are the best goalkeepers in the world who use them.’

Divided sides

However, the problem between goalkeepers seems to be less within a squad full of stars and in which according to L’Equipe there are two clearly divided camps. On the one hand, there are the South Americans and on the other, the French. This scenario could influence the decision to Kylian Mbappé when deciding on your future in the Parc des Princes.

The French attacker already expressed his intention to leave the club last July and the leaders denied him such a possibility by rejecting the proposals that came from the Real Madrid. Now, on the other hand, the former Monaco is the one who has the last word since, in case he does not renew, in January he could negotiate directly with Florentino Pérez.


Neymar, who was the one to share the leadership of the team with the French and Lionel messi, It seems that he has not finished settling into his new role yet. But, it seems that this would be a secondary problem after the French newspaper revealed that it was close to being severely sanctioned by the institution’s board for its attitude.

Leonardo, sports director of the PSG, decided not to apply a punishment for fear that there is some leak that complicates the situation of a locker room that was trying to find tranquility. Apparently, the Brazilian did not appear for an event with team sponsors, an event that fell badly to the leaders of the team.


Finally, on the subject of privileges with the stars, Lionel Messi is noted. According to the cited source, the Rosario reserved a restaurant to celebrate obtaining his seventh Ballon d’Or and that the next day he did not show up for training with Leandro Paredes, after suffering “symptoms of gastroenteritis.”

This attitude upset several colleagues, as did what happened with Mauro Icardi, when he asked for three days off to solve his marital problems with Wanda nara. While the forward published the advances of the couple on their social networks, the discomfort in the dressing room grew, especially when his escape to Milan was made public.

Of course, the journalists in question revealed an unknown detail of the media fight: “Four days earlier, even before the problem broke out on social media, Icardi was arguing with Wanda in his huge 4×4, in the parking lot of the Camp des Loges, just after dropping off his son at soccer school, at everyone’s eyes ”.

However, it seems that the situation of the PSG is about to detonate. However, the victories and the good ride in the first part of the season managed to appease all the alarms.

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