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Jordan Guivin and his present with Celaya: “The slogan is to be able to get to the First Division with the club”

Peruvians abroad continue to shine. Last Wednesday, Toros de Celaya confirmed their direct pass to the quarterfinals of the Liguilla in the Liga Expansión MX, thanks to the victory against CF Mérida with a goal from Jordan Guivin. Little by little, the Peruvian has earned a place in the team and wants to continue growing.

For this reason, in an interview with Infobae, the 24-year-old midfielder was enthusiastic about being able to contribute to his club and add more games as a starter: “I feel very happy because I know that I am contributing to the team. In addition, I am happy because things are working out for me, now the goal has been scored and it makes me happy that the technical command is comfortable with my performance, as is the club”.

The last match, which was played last Wednesday at the Miguel Alemán stadium, not only witnessed Celaya’s victory, to consecrate itself in third place in the standings, it also gave Guivin the chance to show off and enter the Ideal eleven of the day, chosen by the organization of the tournament, thanks to his goal, the two shots he had in front of the goal and two crosses.

For this reason, he considered that the demand that this league has is also “It is a showcase to be in a First Division team from Mexico or from any other country. In addition, it is a nice experience that I am living, since it is a very intense football, I adapted in the best way, my statistics are good and every game I try to make the most of it because you do not know who may be watching you”.

Before moving to Mexico, the national midfielder played in San Martín and in 2021 he broke it in Cienciano, a team in which he made his talent more noticeable until he was signed. “I’ve been a starter for 10 games, I had to enter or start, once I was a starter, I didn’t leave the position because I gave 100%, because when opportunities come you have to take advantage of them. […] The coaching staff has behaved very well with me, it has given me the confidence to feel free on the pitch”.

Besides, guivin added that “to be an elite player I have to keep improving what I’m good at and what I don’t have to keep refining. The subject of the goal is too important for my position, the subject of the pass, is something born that I have that is not difficult for me. The issue of transitions maybe a little, but here in Mexico I have improved it a lot. The slogan is to be able to reach the First Division with the club, but that is with work”.

The national player also hopes to wear the shirt of the Peruvian National Team although at the momentI have not had any type of communication, but I hope to have it at some point, since it is a dream that I have and I have been fighting every day. I hope it happens to me, because I have been working for that and it is a dream that I long for to wear the white and red as I did when I was 15 years old, 17 years old and the sub-23″.

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