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Klopp celebrates that Fabinho will reach the UEFA Champions League final

The concern of Jurgen Klopp It was transformed with the passing of the days in tranquility. 15 days from Real Madrid vs. Liverpool, the club received the bad news about the injury of Fabinho, one of the most important players on the squad. However, from Tuesday, the day on which the withdrawal occurred, to Friday, the situation progressed favourably, to the delight of the entire ‘Red’ team’s technical command.

In fact, in the preview of the match between the ‘Reds’ and Chelsea to define the FA Cup champion, the German guaranteed that the Brazilian will be there next Saturday, May 28, in the scheduled commitment at the Saint-Denis stadium . “He will definitely be in the Champions League final”confirmed at a press conference.

Fabinho will miss the date at Wembley to fight for the title, due to a hamstring injury during last Tuesday’s game against Aston Villa. The midfielder did not train on Thursday and is expected to return soon to score minutes in the remaining two games of the Premier League season.

In the absence of the South American, Klopp remains calm because of what he has on campus to replace him. “It is a very important role. If these guys hadn’t shown the attitude that they had in training (Chamberlain, Elliott, Jones), then we wouldn’t have a chance.”he pointed.

Fabinho will reach the Champions League final. (Photo: AFP)

More from the Champions League

Last week, Klopp launched against UEFA for the distribution of tickets to see the most important duel in the Champions League. According to the German, the fans of Liverpool and Real Madrid, the protagonists of the final, deserve a higher percentage in the colossus located in the French capital.

“He answered me by text message. I said what I said, they should be more for the fans. 93% of the money goes to the clubs… I answered him and said OK. I was not sufficiently prepared for this matter, but I have an opinion. I would prefer UEFA to get more money from the Champions League final and eliminate the Nations League.”commented.

Klopp also had acid comments about the new format for the Champions League. “More games is always a bad idea. I have talked a lot about this. Obviously nobody’s interested, so… okay, I didn’t have time to hear all the details. I’ve heard a bit about it, but this is really not the time to form an opinion.”hill.

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