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Kroos laughs at the Super Cup: “We didn’t win the League or the Cup, but here we are”

The first program of the year for his weekly podcast ‘Einfach mal luppen’, which he shares with his brother Felix, and which coincides with the day after the victory of the Real Madrid against Barcelona in the semifinals of the Spanish Super Cup. Tony Kroos He has pulled irony not only to talk about the participation of the ‘whites’ in the tournament, but also to comment on the realization of it in Saudi Arabia.

It is clear that a Spanish Super Cup must be held in Saudi Arabia. Where is it supposed to be held if not?”, jokes Felix, to which Tony answers: “no doubt about it”.

When asked by his brother what he did Real Madrid to be present in said championship, the Madrid midfielder adds between laughs: “Pues, obviously, not much because we neither won the league nor were we cup champions. but here we are”.

Two years ago, the first time the Super Cup was played with four teams, we hadn’t been champions either in the League or in the Cup and we ended up winning the Super Cup. What am I going to tell you? To be honest, I think the organizer has a certain interest in us participating”, ironically the German.

Tony Kroos He also revealed an anecdote with the bus just upon arrival in Riyadh. “The airport bus got stuck in the sand, so I’m a little late for our appointment.”.

In addition, he told how the protocol was before the COVID that they found in Saudi Arabia and sent a ‘dart’ to Djokovic. “It was also checked upon arrival if we were all vaccinated. That is not only happening in Australia, but here too“, He said.

On punctuality in Spain

The German, who a few days ago said that he hopes to retire in the Real Madrid, recounted how some habits he had in Germany had changed, such as the issue of punctuality when attending talks by the coaching staff.

I always tried to be extra punctual, but I admit that it has rubbed off on me a bit to show up a minute before the coach’s talks start. Before, when he arrived five minutes earlier, he was the last in the national team and the first in Real. Now, I’ve gone down to just a minute early and I’m still in the top three”, he concluded.

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