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Learn the steps to get YouTube to show the number of ‘Dislikes’ in videos again

Youtube decided to eliminate the amount of ‘I do not like’ in all the videos of its platform, this with the excuse of “take care of the well-being of content creators “, since on different occasions the thumb down button was not used properly, it means that they pressed it for negative purposes without even having seen the clip. This time we will teach you a new trick so that you can see again how many dislike a video has, all without having to install programs of dubious origin that put your security and privacy at risk.

This decision of the aforementioned video platform created by the technological giant Google, has had different positions, on the one hand, some are in favor and consider that there are organized groups of people who seek to frustrate videos by rejecting them en masse; While, others object and argue that the number of ‘Dislikes’ is important to know if the content they are about to see is of poor quality.

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It is necessary to clarify that this trick is only available if you browse in Youtube from a computer or laptop, on mobile phones you will not be able to do it, since you will have to install a rune called extension Return YouTube Dislike ‘, which you download from the Chrome Web Store. Remember that Chrome extensions are only compatible with desktop versions.


  • First, go to the Chrome Web Store and search for the Return YouTube Dislike extension, or just click here.
  • Now, press where it says ‘Add to Chrome’, a mini window will appear and you have to click on ‘Add extension’.
  • Then tap on the puzzle icon in the upper right corner.
  • All your extensions will be displayed, go to the extension that you just installed, you find it with the icon of a thumb down.
  • The next step is to click on the thumbtack on the right to fix it.
  • Finally, press the Return YouTube Dislike icon and open Youtube, the amount of ‘I don’t like’ will automatically appear.

If you want to see the description of a video while simultaneously watching it in full screen, learn a very simple trick, this can be very useful when for example watching music video clips and in the description they put the lyrics of the song you are listening to.

How to view a video description in full screen

  • There are two ways.
  • The first, opening the entire description of the video and then clicking on the extend to horizontal icon.
  • When you do, the video will continue to be produced and the information will appear on the side.
  • The second, you must open the video in full screen and then touch the title of the video in bold. The information will automatically appear on the right.
  • You can close and open it whenever you want.
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