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Lionel Messi caused annoyance within the PSG squad after winning the 2021 Ballon d’Or

A conflict that was generated as a result of the 2021 Ballon d’Or. Lionel Messi won the award for best player according to France Football magazine on November 29, being the seventh time he has won the trophy; And, after that, according to L’Equipe, the Argentine striker went out to celebrate with his PSG teammates.

After the celebration for the seventh Ballon d’Or won by ‘Leo’, the PSG players had to attend training, however, not all of them arrived at the Camp des Loges.

According to L’Équipe, Lionel Messi and Leandro Paredes did not attend training sessions, as they suffered from gastroenteritis. This situation ended up generating annoyances in some players of the squad, due to the fact that the attendance of all the players of the team is mandatory.

Lionel Messi lost millions of euros

Lionel Messi was for many years the most expensive footballer in the world. The termination clauses of the Argentine star were of millions of euros, but with the passage of time, his value in the football market is declining and not due to poor performance on the football fields.

For the 2018 season, if a club wanted to hire Lionel Messi, it had to disburse an amount of 180 million euros, but the trend is to go down, due to an age issue and added to his departure to French football, he ties one more step lower than the major European competitions.

“The reason that motivates the devaluation of Messi in 20 million euros is his age. It definitely cannot be carried over at its previous market value and this will be a trend that will continue, “said Ronan Caroff of Transfermarkt.

For this season, the price of Lionel Messi reached 60 million euros, a figure that he had for the last time in the 2009 season, when he began to stand out much more in the team at that time led by Pep Guardiola.

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