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Living a dream stage: Georgina provided details of her family life next to Cristiano

Cristiano Ronaldo He is one of the most successful men in football today. The Manchester United striker managed to get his name written in the sport’s history books in recent years, after he has scored four Champions League with Real Madrid and add 5 in total to your list of honors. However, this is not the most important thing for him. He believes that he is in a great moment but because of the family stage that he lives.

Currently, the Portuguese lives with his partner Georgina rodriguez and their children, forming a large family. Even at the end of this 2021, he is waiting for twins. The well-known model spoke with the magazine Cosmopolitan and revealed details of his life that will be known in a series that is close to premiering on Netflix.

“I have always loved children and since I was little I imagined myself with a large family”Georgina explained. “I try to make our children be grateful and fight for their dreams. Let them do things with their best intentions. That they help each other and that they always take care of each other “.

The 27-year-old influencer and businesswoman is the mother of six children with Cristiano, of which the first three Cristiano Jr (11 years old) and the twins Mateo and Eva María (4) were born through surrogacy.

Georgina revealed that the little ones at home are already eager for twins to be born. “The children have taken the news very well. When they accompanied me to the ultrasound, they thought I was going to give birth right there and they asked me: ‘But aren’t they going to be born now?’ They really want”.

The Spanish assured that she is in the best way. Currently, she is going through her fifth month of pregnancy, in addition, she acknowledged that “she is anxious for them to be born.”

Cosmopolitan revealed that there will be six episodes that will show how the Ronaldo-Rodríguez live. In the trailer, the Spanish woman is observed after a long journey shouting “Loves, loves!” It will be released simultaneously in 190 countries.

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