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“Longevity is fascinating”: Cristiano reveals how old he wants to play

He still has a while, and it’s not just his wish, but he’s preparing for it. The Portuguese star of Man Utd Cristiano Ronaldo He assured that he wants to continue playing in the highest soccer competitions, even beyond the age of 40, he points out in another revealed part of an interview released by the ESPN Brasil network.

I am happy. I want to continue and see what happens: if I can play at 40, 41, 42… But the most important thing is to enjoy the moment”, declared the 36-year-old footballer, in the first of the three installments of this interview broadcast since Wednesday night.

Genetically speaking, I’m not going to say that I feel like I’m 25 years old, no exaggeration. But it’s like I’m 30. I take care of my body and my mind”, added the forward of the Man Utd.

Asked if he compared himself to other sports legends like American football star Tom Brady (43 years old) or tennis player Roger Federer (40), ‘CR7′ estimated that it was “other sports, with different demands”.

Longevity is something fascinating, which I started to study recently“, He said Cristiano Ronaldo, five times Ballon d’Or.

The secret to staying at the best level is, according to the Portuguese star, to have “the intelligence” Necessary for “adapt to new situations”.

He does not rule out playing in Brazil

In the same talk Christian has ensured that “everything is possible in football”, when he was asked if he could reach Brazilian football, which he considers a brother country.

It is a country that I have a lot of respect for, I know a lot about Brazil. Play there no one knows. No one said I would return to Manchester United at the age of 36 and here I am. Play in Brazil? I do not know. It is far from my current thought. But in football everything is possible, I don’t know”, said the Portuguese.

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