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Meet the top 10 of the popular and music videos of YouTube Argentina most viewed in 2021

December has arrived and there are only a few days until the end of the year 2021, so Youtube is closing the list with the most viewed videos in Argentina. The aforementioned entertainment platform created by the technology giant Google, has separated the videos into two sections: ‘The most popular’ and ‘The most played music videos’ in the country of the Albiceleste flag.

During the course of this year, the videos with the greatest trend in Youtube they were found in the football, music and gaming category, the latter being the surprise; However, other content also stood out, such as: recipes, humor, entertainment and the classic reaction videos.

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The video of the famous audition of Francisco Benítez, the undisputed winner of La Voz Argentina, was consolidated in the number 1 position, in as much, the most outstanding moments of the Copa América 2021, which was won by the Argentine team of Lionel Messi , stalled at number 2, last but not least, a video from Free Fire gave the surprise by occupying the number 3 position.


The most popular urban genres of the moment, we refer to reggaetón and trap, top most of the list of most popular videos, however, cumbia is also present among them. As additional data, it is important to clarify that María Becerra is the singer with the greatest presence in this ranking, participating in 5 of the 10 videos with the most views.

The most popular content creators of YouTube Argentina 2021

The gaming category is above all in this ranking, since most of those that we will mention in the list are dedicated to making content about video games, among the most popular are YouTubers Minecraft and Roblox, who occupy the first two places respectively.

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