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New complaints: ‘Bebelo’ Reynoso complicates his situation with the Argentine justice

At the beginning of the week, Emanuel ‘Bebelo’ Reynoso He was detained by the Argentine police, after being accused of the crime of “qualified threats due to the use of weapons, minor injuries and calamitous robbery.” All this from a complaint where he is linked to a brawl that occurred in the city of Córdoba.

The former Boca Juniors player was arrested and detained in the Bouwer compound. Although his defense claims his innocence, the midfielder’s situation could worsen, after new complaints against the Minnesota United man appeared.

These are two young people (18 and 19 years old), who not only corroborated the aforementioned, but also assured that they saw Reynoso at the scene of the events, pointing to him as the main responsible.

“He brutally beat and threatened with a firearm”said Carlos Nayi, lawyer for one of the alleged victims, in dialogue with the Argentine news agency Télam.

The lawyer also said that ‘Bebelo’ took a gun from his waist and ordered the boys to leave their home. Realizing they were ignoring him, he harangued his friends to beat up the intruders. According to the account of a 17-year-old young man, the steering wheel hit him in the face with the butt of his pistol.

All this happened last Saturday, when Emanuel Reynoso was having a private party at his home in Córdoba, and a group of people tried to sneak into the celebration.

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