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Not believing: player in the Arab League celebrated a goal that never materialized [VIDEO]

Football has not stopped in some countries of the world, as in the Professional League of Saudi Arabia. During this Saturday, December 25, day 14 of the contest entered into dispute and the match Al Feiha vs. Abha closed the day with a goalless draw, although Panagiotis Tachtsidis of the home side was able to change history.

At 32 minutes into the match, the forward was the star of a curious scene at the Al Majma’ah Sports City stadium. The game did not have much rhythm and most of the actions took place in the middle of the field, since both teams decided to protect their arc first, and then attack.

Precisely, Al Feiha was with the round on his ground and they made a series of short passes, until Sami Al-Khaibari decided to execute a long send. The defender raised the ball and sent it to the opposite field, but it did not seem to create any major complications.

However, the Abha defenders did not clear and goalkeeper Abdelali Mhamdi was also halfway there, which was taken advantage of by Panagiotis Tachtsidis. The attacker took advantage of the rebound of the ball on the grass and connected with his head, beating the goalkeeper, who was in the crescent of the area.

The ball was aimed at goal and Tachtsidis was ready to celebrate: he spread his arms and went to the right corner. However, he was wrong to celebrate early, as Muhannad Al-Qaydhi miraculously appeared on the line and prevented the parity from breaking.

The Al Feiha players did not believe what had happened, given that they lost the opportunity to get ahead in the game and have options to climb the position table (with the tie, the club was sixth with 20 points). Meanwhile, Abha added a visit with this equality and continues to move away from the lower zone of the classification: they occupy box 12 with 15 units, two above the descent.

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