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Nothing was saved: Oscar Ruggeri and his harsh criticism of the series “Maradona: blessed dream” [VIDEO]

Just over a month ago, the series “Maradona: blessed dream”On Amazon Prime Video. And in all this time, the audiovisual material has generated different reactions. One of the strongest criticisms has had as its author Oscar Ruggeri, partner of ‘Pelusa’ in Argentina at the 1986 World Cup.

“I saw some scenes of some things that they are putting on Maradona. Of the things that are coming out, what do I know. It has nothing to do with it”, told the popular ‘Cabezón’ on the F90 program of the recent Friday edition, which is broadcast on the ESPN network.

Ruggeri, one of the players who was part of the ‘Albiceleste’ delegation at that World Cup event, claimed why the series’ makers did not contact him or his teammates. “Having all of us, how did they not call us? ‘This is so, so.’ They make us look bad as 86 ‘players “, he pointed.

The former soccer player and now a panelist for television programs referred to a story in which they reflected Maradona as someone he was not, in the circumstances of the concentration of the team directed by Carlos Salvador Bilardo.

“We would turn the bed over (Maradona), we would throw the mattress at Diego. Do you know the screams he used to hit? He threw everything at us. Here it appears as ‘I came out of there, it’s my bed’. As it was our rector. It was tremendous in there. He was the worst of all too ”, story.

Finally, Ruggeri hinted to the host of the space, Sebastián ‘Poll’ Vignolo that he would take legal action “They make the pe look bad …. Stop jo …. Lawyer. In front. And if. How about?”, he sentenced.

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